Laser Car, caravans & Light Truck Wheel Alignment System — AETL-12 Deluxe

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AETL-12 passenger car and light truck wheel alignment system is accurate, simple, fast, portable and can handle almost everything that rolls in the door. Decades of proven operation in the field is not unheard of with the TL-12

The cost of ownership on the AETL-12 Deluxe can not be matched by any system on the market. Our units will do everything a system of $40K will do and more. With no no maintenance contracts. Our system is not sexy, no bells no whistles, all those bells and whistles cost you money. The TL-12 just does the job. It can adapt to almost any wheel and align almost anything!

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Laser Car & Light Truck Wheel Alignment System — AETL-12 Deluxe



Level Compensator for Caster and Camber readings on a non level surface.

What can the TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System do?

  • Accurate, simple, reliable durable for decades
  • No rack required
  • Calibrates in the field in seconds
  • Surface does not have to be non-level
  • Caster, camber, live caster, SAI / KPI
  • Toe individual and total toe
  • 2 wheel centerline ,Thrust angle, and full 4 wheel
  • Accurate to 1/64ths inch
  • 20 minutes to read entire vehicle
  • 100% US made
  • Two-year warranty
  • Training video and instruction manual
  • Runs on D cell batteries
  • No cables, computers, or maintenance contracts

TL-12 Consists of:

  • Front Toe Laser Guns
  • Rear Toe Combination Gauges
  • Caster/Camber gauge
  • Calibration Bar
  • 4 Wheel clamps for rims up to 22″
  • Steering Wheel Holder
  • Brake Pedal Depressor
  • Shipping Weight: 140 lbs.
  • TL-12 Accessories


    Q? Want to align up to a heavy duty truck?A. Add the TL-90 Dually-One-Ton Kit nothing will roll up that you cannot align!Q? Need to handle larger rims than 22"?A. Add the TL-550-8 Wheel Clamp Extensions get 6" now you can handle 28"+ rims!


Shipping weight and dimensions: 1 crate 52x27x29 175lbs (79.38kg) + 1
pallet 42x38x40 255lbs (115.67kg)



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