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BC PRO 45 is the ideal tool to manage up to four 12V
batteries at the same time (one of them can be a lithium battery), designed for
the needs of motorcycle workshops, vehicle garages and battery stores.

Whichever is the need, from recovering and desulfating
customer’s batteries to initializing and charging a new battery for the first
time, or maintaining batteries lying on a shelf in a warehouse, BC PRO 45 is
always the right solution.

The battery charger is provided with 4 independent outputs
with a charging current of 2 Amps each, working in a fully automatic way. The
unit provided with digital display can also be used for the maintenance of
lithium batteries as well as for on board battery & alternator testing.

The charger recovers discharged batteries starting from
1.25V and it brings back to efficiency used batteries thanks to the desulfation
cycle. Before switching to maintenance, it tests the battery to verify whether
it’s able to retain its charge.

“TURBO mode” and “time-to-end
indication” for the desulfation cycle are two important features making
the job easier for workShop professionals.

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